Third Party Inspection Services


Inspection Services

The Inspection Division of Saudi Dutest is involved in third party inspection services of a wide range of heavy plant, cranes and lifting and marine equipment of brands such as Demag, Kone, Liebherr, Kato and Tadano to name a few. These inspection services are carried out with state of the art technology such as Eddy Current, Thermal Imaging, NDT Inspection such as MPI and Dye Penetrate Testing. This combined with quality engineers, ensures the most highly qualified and reliable inspection and testing services. In addition, the company complies with highly regulated standards such as ISO 9001, 14001, 18001 that are both continually audited and renewed by Det Norske Veritas.

Dye Penetrate Testing

Dye Penetrate is a method of detecting surface flaws (cracks) using a chemical ink and a developer. The basic principle is to spray the area to be checked with a penetrating ink (Red) which will leech in to any surface defects. This is then cleaned off. A developer (White) is then sprayed over the same area and any residual ink will show through the white indicating the location of any surface defects. The sample or area to be inspected must be clean and free from paint, corrosion or other surface coatings. It can be used on both ferrous and non-ferrous material, will only detect surface cracks.

Magnetic Particle Testing

Magnetic Particle Testing is similar to Dye Penetrate Testing, only a magnetic ink is sprayed on the prepared surface and a strong magnetic force applied to the area, instead. Cracks and inclusions will show up in the ink pattern. This technique can be used for slightly deeper and sub-surface defects. It can only be used on ferrous material, where the surface must be free from paint, corrosion and surface coatings. Additionally, an Ultra Violate ink is available allowing inspection in areas of low light.

Eddy Current Testing

Eddy Current, again, is similar to Magnetic Particle Testing, only using an electrical field which gives a reading on a screen. The advantage is that little or no surface preparation is required. This technique can be used through paint and on both ferrous and non-ferrous material. As the display is remote it can be used for internal examinations such as threaded holes and pipe work subject to using a suitable probe. Painting / Coating Inspection is a discipline to ensure that paint or coatings meet the specification required and they have been applied correctly and under the right conditions. Things to take into consideration would be pre-coating surface preparation (profile), temperature which moisture will condense out on the surface (dew point), variation in coating thickness (holidays).

Thickness Gauging

Thickness Gauging is used to measure internal corrosion, externally. This allows corrosion checks on equipment such as pressure cylinders, tanks and pipe work, and many more. This technique is suitable for checking equipment without having to open or enter the area that requires checking. Again, this can be done without removing the external coating which is very convenient.

Welding Inspection

A weld is a fusion of metals. In order to have a qualified weld, it has to be inspected by a certified welding inspection personnel. There are various parameters involved with the welding technology and needs a proper monitoring for which our engineers are certified, highly trained, experienced and qualified.

Thermal Imaging

Thermal Imaging (Thermography) is an optical method of recording heat signatures of plant equipment and structures while in operation and location abnormities or temperature differences. This can be used in several ways. As a preventative maintenance tool to show up items running hot, hot spots where an item may fail or cause a fire or heat loss through insulation or thermal bridges. It can also be used as predictive maintenance, where a bench mark image is taken and then compared with subsequent images taken at a set period (say six months). This will show up temperature changes, which may indicate deterioration of a process or equipment, allowing scheduled maintenance to be planned so as to minimize impact on production or services. Thermal imaging can also be used to investigate or locate leaks or water ingress and insect damage or just measure the thermal efficiency of a building.

Heavy Lifting Supervision

Heavy Lifting Supervision is carried out by us occasionally. Effectively, we take charges of the planning, supervision of a lifting operation from the early “Method Statement” phase, to “Lift Plan” and supervision and execution of the actual lift, choice of crane and lifting tackle.

Load Testing

Load testing is part of our normal crane and lifting gear examination and consists of applying a load of suitable proportions to establish the integrity of the item being tested.

Tirak / Minifor Services

Tirak and Minifors are rope hoists manufactured by Tractel France. We are one of the official service centers for these machines.

Crane Safety Equipment

Installation, calibration and maintenance of safe load indicators and tensile cells, as well as training services for the load indicator are available in association with Cantek (Australia). EOT Crane installation, maintenance and repair services are also available.