Lifting Supplies

Saudi Dutest provides a wide range of highest-grade lifting supplies in KSA. This lifting equipment include a wide range of chain slings, wire rope slings, general lifting gears, shackles, webbing slings and force measuring equipment.

Force Control Switches


Force Control Switches are an inexpensive solution when load trip points are needed and live display is not necessary. The switch output can trip alarms, temporarily disable controls or be used as a PLC input. Applications include overload protection, slackline prevention and batching. Often used with cranes, overhead hoists, elevators and within manufacturing presses. Dillon Force Control Switches can be outfi tted with several trip points and are precisely set at the factory.


Trip points may be set anywhere within the range shown.


The DynaSwitch is the most economical answer for load detection. Designed to be installed anywhere in line.

  • Fits your application: Many upper and lower hardware choices
  • Tension and compression models
  • Many capacities: 25 to 25,000 lb (10 to 10,000 kg)
  • Safe: Meets stringent standards for overhead lifting environments

The Cranegard clamps directly on cables with no line cutting required. The Cranegard is ideal for wire rope hoist, elevator and crane overload prevention, and slackline detection.

  • Easy to install: Operation within minutes with a screwdriver and Allen wrench
  • Tailored fit: Sized for your diameter wire
  • Unique: Does not consume headroom in many installations