Applications of Geared Trolley

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Geared trolleys are utilized in a wide variety of applications, as they have many properties which makes it an ideal lifting equipment. One of the biggest challenge faced by the geared trolleys is alternating the direction of the rotation i.e. the ability to move the loads in both directions.

Geared trolleys use the force gained from all the drive units for acceleration and for beating the friction forces. The reliable and solid engineering technology used in geared trolleys is helpful in finding solutions with matching power. It means all the trolley system components must be ready to face the required operating conditions.

Geared Trolleys are helpful in maneuvering tasks, where a motion parallel to the beam is important. They are light and compact in design, which makes it easy to handle. They are durable, quick and straightforward in the handling of the load, and facilitates smooth operation. They can be easily assembled by using trolley bolts and spacer disks. They are well suited for applications involving shorter traversing distances and precise load movements.

Hand geared trolleys are a popular option. Geared trolleys also are mentioned as hand geared trolleys because they incorporate a looped hand chain, which is attached to the hand chain wheel or sprocket. When the operator pulls the hand chain of the geared trolley, the sprocket will engage the gears and facilitate the wheel movements.

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