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Chain Slings are the most commonly used slings in the lifting industries. These slings provide a great strength in order to lift heavy loads from one place to another. These are mainly used when a bulky material is lifted vertically in various industrial applications. There is a high demand for these chain slings in the industrial as well as constructional sector.

Various companies are dealing with chain slings and its fittings in the world. Saudi Dutest is one of the leading suppliers of chain slings & fittings in Saudi Arabia. Its products are highly appreciated by the clients from different sectors. It has been providing excellent high quality chain slings for its clients.

Due to its high quality products, it has managed to attract both local and international clients. It also represents the products of the top leading chain slings manufacturers associated with the lifting industry like Gripton.

Some of the important Chain slings & fittings supplied by Saudi Dutest are:-

Different Types of Chain Slings

Mainly chain slings are available in single leg, double leg, three leg, and four leg formats. According to different type of loads, chain slings with different legs are used. These chain slings are available from 7mm to 32 mm diameter. Chain slings with two or more legs are used in various angles in order to enhance efficiency during the work. These slings are termed as Grade 80 Chain slings as these are made up of Grade 80 components. Most of the chain slings are featured with clevis hook with regular latch, clevis self lock hook, Eye sling hook, and shortening clutch.

Mater Links Assembly –

These fittings are mainly used with alloy steel chain and steel wire ropes. The overall body is made up of alloy steel and has a powder finishing on the surface. The proof load of this fitting material is twice the working load limit.

Alloy Steel Chain –

The body is made up of alloy steel and has a proof load 2.5 times the working load limit. It is used only with Grade 80 components and is mainly recommended for 4 overhead lifting applications. It is manufactured as per the EN818 standards.

Shortening Clutch –

These are used to shorten the length of the chains and are only used with grade 80 components. These are manufactured as per EN 1677 standards and offer a factor of safety of 4:1.

Considering this wide range of chain slings and a fitting, Saudi Dutest is considered as one of the leading chain slings suppliers in Saudi Arabia. Apart from chain slings and fittings, Saudi Dutest also supplies other useful material handling equipment to its clients.

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