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If you are facing difficulties in lifting the heavy loads in the industries, then you should probably change your lifting slings. The experts mainly recommend using wire rope slings during the heavy lifting applications. The flexibility and the efficiency of the wire rope slings have no match in the industry.

Most of the constructional and industrial clients highly prefer to use wire rope slings for lifting applications. In the Middle East countries, the industrial works are very high. Thus the demands for lifting applications are also high. In order to lift the heavy loads from one axis to another, the clients use the wire rope slings.

To fulfill the increasing demands of the clients, the manufacturers in the Middle East regions started to deal with the wire rope slings. Saudi Dutest is one of the leading wire rope slings manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. It efficiently supplies the wire rope slings to the clients and has literally worked hard to earn this reputation.

Clients appreciate the quality and performance of the wire rope slings and make their orders for bulk orders. To satisfy every requirement of the clients, Saudi Dutest represents the best quality wire rope slings from the racks of leading wire rope slings manufacturer. Apart from single leg wire rope slings, it also deals with multi leg slings.

The multi leg slings are mainly used for lifting large and bulky loads in overhead lifting applications. These slings offer a good resistance to both corrosion and abrasion. Thus, the durability of these slings is enhanced. Again, these slings also perform efficiently in high ambient temperatures.

This is mainly because of the stands and lay of the slings. To enhance the performance and efficiency of the wire rope slings, Saudi Dutest also deals with different types of fittings like:

Wire Rope Clips –

These are highly demanded during the lifting applications when a temporary joint is required. These are made up of forged carbon steel and are finished with hot dip galvanization process.

Grommet –

These fittings provide support to the wire rope slings during heavy lifting applications. These are maintained as per BS EN 13414-3 standards.

Thimbles –

These fittings are mainly used to reduce the abrasion issues. Thus the life span of the slings is enhanced.
So, the investments on the wire rope slings of Saudi Dutest are highly valuable. Consult a member of Saudi Dutest and try the lifting slings effectively.


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