The Best Wire Rope Slings Manufacturer in Saudi Arabia

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Saudi Dutest is considered as one of the best wire rope sling manufacturers in Saudi Arabia. It has been providing high quality wire rope slings to clients from different parts of the world. It also represents the best quality wire rope slings of the leading manufacturers of the lifting equipment such as Gripton.

The wire rope slings are very flexible in nature as some of the features of these slings match with the cable wires. These are mainly preferred for heavy load lifting applications. These slings offer a great resistance towards abrasion, and that’s the main reason for the heavy demand of wire rope slings in the market.

Saudi Dutest, being an efficient wire rope slings manufacturer in the world, deals with different varieties of wire rope slings.The wire rope slings are available in a single leg, double leg, three and four leg formats. The lengths of these slings mainly vary from 6 mm to 89 mm in diameter.

Various Fitting Accessories are featured with These Wire Rope Slings Such as –

Grommet –

These are actually used with the slings in order to ensure proper connection between other equipment. These are made up of rubber, plastic or metal. Grommets are manufactured as per BS EN 13414-3.

Thimbles –

These are actually used with the soft eyes in order to reduce the wear and tear of the slings, due to regular loading and unloading of loads. These are designed to resist rusting and corrosion.

Nuts and Bolts –

These are used at certain points over the wire rope slings In order to provide proper stability during the work. This small equipment reduces the chances of break down during a complex lifting application. Both ES series and EN series are represented by Saudi Dutest.

Wire Rope Clips –

These are highly preferred for temporary joints related to wire rope eye connection. These are manufactured as per FF-C 450 and are made up of forged carbon steel.


Saudi Dutest has always supplied products as per the demands of the clients with best quality which shows that it is one of the best wire rope sling manufacturer and supplier in Saudi Arabia. Whatever may be the need of the clients, there is every feasible solution available with Saudi Dutest.

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