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Lifting equipment are used for lifting and lowering heavy loads and people. Lifting equipment has to be of excellent quality, should show sturdiness in design, strength, durability and flexibility. Lifting equipment should be designed and manufactured with the latest technology considering safety factors when in operational stage. 

Saudi Dutest is a leading manufacturer and supplier of high-end lifting equipment in Saudi Arabia. It has a wide variety of lifting equipment that it manufactures as below: 

  • Chain Slings 
  • Webbing slings 
  • Wire ropes slings and fittings 
  • General lifting gears like chain block, lever block, load binder lever type, bean clamp, geared trolley, vertical clamp, horizontal clamp etc. 
  • Shackles 
  • Force measuring equipment etc. 

Lifting equipment are mainly used for construction, manufacturing and material handling industry sectors. The load and people have to be moved to heights and around the premises, with weight. Therefore, it is imperative that these equipment not only exhibit strength of design, they should also be regularly inspected and maintained. 

There are some points to be considered while using the lifting equipment. 

  • The equipment should never be loaded with more than the permitted weight. This factor should be followed strictly, because if the load is much higher, the equipment shall start showing breakages and wear & tear. This is extremely dangerous to people and property as such an eventuality can be fatal too. 
  • Lifting equipment should be regularly inspected. They should be tested and maintained periodically. This enhances their productivity, lifespan, durability and alerts the user of any possible problem. 
  • The users should use, store and clean them as per the clear guidelines given by the company. 
  • These lifting equipment should be always purchased from reliable and certified suppliers. 
  • The people who have to use the equipment should be trained in the use of the equipment and also to look out for any possible damages. 

Saudi Dutest represents the comprehensive range of lifting equipment is Saudi Arabia. Saudi Dutest also provides third-party inspection and testing facility for lifting equipment. It also provides maintenance of the lifting equipment with high-end technology.


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