Brief Information on Types of Lifting Equipment

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A company working with cargo and goods, especially in harbors, ports, shipping, cargo and more, will definitely require the best quality of equipment and heavy parts especially parts like wire rope cables, webbing slings, hooks and any other kind of lifting gear. These companies rely on the strength and the quality of the equipment used.

Coming to quality, this is important equipment whose improper service can lead to serious damages and injuries. So it is crucial that your gear and equipment is quality checked and serviced with assurance. This means the proper testing methods like eddy current testing, thermal imaging, and dye penetrant testing must be conducted. Grading also is important to know the limits of each part.

A slight change or compromise in the quality of the products or equipment can lead to huge losses for the company. Various kinds of equipment one would find in the lifting industry:

  1. Chain Slings: There are various kinds of chain slings as well. However, these slings are used to lift moderately heavy objects. Connecting links, hooks, various legged chains are some examples.
  2. Wire Rope Slings: These slings are manufactured are galvanized, which prevents them from rusting. Various legged slings, wire rope clips, are some examples.
  3. Force Measuring Equipment: This range includes scales, force control switches, balance meters, etc.
  4. Shackles: Galvanized shackles or shackles made of any other material are used in overhead lifting. These shackles are designed for temporary and frequent use.
  5. General Lifting Supplies: These supplies are the various things which are resourceful for lifting process. Such supplies include- various kinds of clips and clamps, lever block, snatch block, pulling hoist, etc.

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