What is a chain block? Everything you need to know

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Chain blocks or chain hoists are available in different configurations & capacities and are made in line with the latest technologies to guarantee optimum safety. They are easily adaptable to different working environments and are available in a variety of different capacities, which makes them a commonly used machinery for wide range of operations. Chain blocks are manually operated and suits to most lifting applications and customer specifications. Chain block manufacturers develop chain blocks from durable, and high grade safety steel to ensure safety and reliability in the lifting of heavy loads. Chain blocks manufacturers supply chain blocks to lift, move and lower heavy loads with the help of a chain.

Chain blocks has been designed and developed with a consideration of risk assessment. An important factor to be considered while operating chain blocks are that only personnel’s who are qualified, trained, experienced and familiar with such devices should be allowed to operate them. Assigned Personnel must have read the operating manual, especially safety instructions, before putting it to use.

Basic safety measures:

  • Follow the installation, operating and maintenance manuals.
  • Follow safety clearance procedures
  • Ensure clear visibility during operation
  • Never exceed the permissible load limit of lifting equipment
  • Use the devices the way it was intended
  • Protect chains, ropes, hooks, and brakes against corrosion


Chain block manufacturers develop chain blocks that are robust, reliable and of high quality in order to operate effectively in the extremely harsh environments and to meet the lifting requirements specified by customers. The main parts of a chain block are a lifting chain, a hand chain and a grabbing hook. Due to its lifting capabilities, chain blocks are most commonly used in garages for the easy removal of engines from cars. Chain blocks are easily operated by one person and as a result they are an efficient way to complete jobs which otherwise would have taken more than two workers to do.

Saudi Dutest, one of the recognized chain block manufacturers in KSA aims to support KSA based customers with only the leading lifting supplies available in the market. They provide products with highest grade of quality in the industry. They aim to achieve maximum customer delight through delivering highest quality lifting equipment and services.




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