Chain Sling Safety Measures

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Chain slings are one of the lifting equipment that is made to undergo severe tensile stress. This may cause them to snap or break and thereby end up damaging goods, materials, manpower, and machinery around them, causing loss to life and property. The damage that it can do to people is irreparable, leaving some of its victims, dead or paralyzed. Also, improper maintenance of the slings is one of the reasons for its failure. One should always take some safety measures when dealing with chain slings as follows:

  • When you observe a malfunctioning chain sling, you are supposed to keep it aside for repair and make sure it is not to be used until it is fully functioning.
  • To prevent damage, do not overload or overbear the chain slings. This is highly dangerous, and the equipment becomes unstable. By reducing the load, you are increasing its lifespan and also reducing chances of fatalities and accidents in the workplace.
  • After usage, properly store the slings. This is to prevent extensive and unnecessary wear and tear that can be easily avoided.
  • One of the main parts of the body that are damaged in accidents is limbs, particularly fingers which come in close contact with such heavy machinery. So be careful with your hands when you are in close proximity to the sling.
  • Select the right sling based on why you want to use it. This is a really important way of preventing damages.
  • After each usage, check for damages and abrasions by a certified inspector.
  • Sometimes, the extent of the damage might be so much, that it becomes almost unusable and dangerous. This is when you must dispose of the equipment immediately.
  • Lubricate the equipment after use so that it does not weather away due to corrosion.
  • It is recommended to store slings on a wall or rack, hanging instead of on the ground.

Follow these safety tips, and you can prevent a good number of accidents on labor personnel. Regarding, maintenance, some chain sling suppliers themselves provide maintenance facilities for their products. Saudi Dutest is one of the suppliers who keep good maintenance on chain slings among a wide range of other lifting equipment. Saudi Dutest makes different kinds of chain slings based on the capacity and requirement and provides service for all of them.


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