Chain sling selection and working load limit

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Chain slings are one of the most commonly used lifting equipment in factories and warehouses. They are a combination of hooks, chains, rings, and other attachments to lifting and moving loads from one place to another. They can be created on customized configurations to suit the needs of different applications. Standard chain configurations includes chain branches with rings and some forms of attachments. There are several factors to be considered while selecting the chain sling for the lifting application.

  • Weight of the load to be lifted
  • Specified configuration of the chain sling.
  • Size and length of the chain slings depending on the working load limits.
  • Reach required for the desired load lifting angle
  • Load pick points and the location of the lifting

Working load limit means the maximum load that can be assigned to the chain sling. Working load limit should never exceed the specified limit to ensure safe and smooth operations. Working load limit of the chain slings are determined by various factors like:

  • Design of the chain slings
  • Angle of the load to be lifted
  • Material strength of the chain slings manufactured
  • Working conditions in which the chain slings are used.

Overloading the chain slings can lead to dangerous lifting situations. It can lead to twisting or knotting of the chain sling links and the potential break down of the sling. Elevated temperatures in the warehouse can influence the chain sling working load limit.

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