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Chain slings are lifting equipment which is used to lift heavy materials. Generally, it comes to use in construction companies while doing many projects. In big construction projects, the Chain slings are very useful and helpful as it comes in use to uplift all the heavy materials which are needed in construction.
In Saudi Arabia, the use of Chain slings is very common because Saudi Arabia is undergoing with many large-scale construction projects. Saudi Dutest is one of the Chain slings distributors in Saudi Arabia, and provides very fine quality of products by which you can uplift many heavy materials. Chain slings are made up of the heavy chain and some other heavy components. These chain and components have some grading which defines that how much load it can take or what is the load capacity of that equipment.
Saudi Dutest, one of the leading Chain slings distributors in Saudi Arabia provides its services not only in the local region but across GCC region. We have many world-class sling chain products by which you can airlift many tons of weight. Saudi Dutest is considered as a hub for lifting equipment because of efficient range of products.
If you want to use any of sling chain, first it is important to know your requirement that how much weight you want to lift. Consult with an expert too for the exact sizing, load capacity limit, Number of legs etc.
Following are some types of Chain slings:-
• Chain slings single leg
• Chain slings 2 legs
• Chain slings 3 legs
• Chain slings 4 legs
• Connecting link
• Hook with safety latch
• Self-locking hooks
• Shorten clutch
• Grab hook
• Alloy steel chain
• Master links assembly

We always first test the products and after the successful testing, they get that product in the market. Customers can get pre-selling assistance also, where experts visits or inspect your site and measure your entire requirement then they suggest you the best product according to your need
Always remember that never surpass the working burden utmost of a chain sling, Wipe out all turns, bunches or crimps before lifting and Utilize cushions around sharp corners. If in any case when the Chain sling got damaged then it can be repaired, refurbished and recertified again.

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