Common problems in wire ropes and solution to check

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Wire rope manufacturers develop wire ropes from individual wire strands and their applications vary according to their types and purpose. The flexibility of wire ropes facilitates the successful loading and lowering of heavy loads. Wire ropes are characterized by material strength, corrosion protection and minimum breaking load. A wire rope has a lower fatigue life and are more prone to corrosion and damages as compared to chains. In order to minimize the adverse effects of corrosion, suitable manufacturing lubricants should be applied on wire ropes regularly while using them. Routine inspection requirements of the wire ropes depend on its construction type and use. It is a mandatory to get the wire ropes inspected by a responsible person. Frequent examinations and inspections of the wire rope must conform to the statutory requirements. 

Common problems found with the wire ropes

  1. Broken wires: The applications and functions of the wire ropes determine the number of possible broken wires, rate of breakage occurrence and grouping of broken wires. Fractured wires demands the complete discarding of wire ropes. Corrosion, Abrasion, and stress are some of the common reasons behind wire damage.
  2. Elasticity: Decrease in the wire elasticity is quite difficult to detect and proper inspection by a wire specialist is required, incase anything is suspected. Decrease in wire elasticity can lead to wire failure during lifting loads. Once detected such wire ropes should be immediately removed from the service.
  3. Corrosion: Corrosion is easier to detect with discoloration on the wire accompanied by a slackness between wires. Corrosion accelerates fatigue damage and leads to stress cracking of the wires. Heat damage, length of service, number of life cycles etc. are some of the reasons which leads to external and internal corrosion of wire ropes. Wires should be stored in dry conditions when not in use to avoid corrosion from chemical substances. 
  4. Safety issues:  The working environment has significant implications on the wire ropes life cycle. Regular and prolonged use of wire ropes results in the weakening and failure of wire ropes. It is not advisable to use these ropes after a certain number of life cycles.

The best solution against the damages and accidents related to wire ropes is to get an expert inspection of the wire ropes before every shift. With extreme damages, it is always advised to replace the wire ropes. It is also important to consult an expert before buying a wire rope to increase the operational life of the wire rope.

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