Different Types of eye bolts

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Used as a lifting or securement point, eye bolts are one of the most favorable types of rigging equipment for anchoring, pulling or hoisting applications. Saudi Dutest, a leading lifting equipment manufacturer in the KSA, designs eye bolts in several different designs and configurations. There are different types of eye bolts that meet the working load limit for the task at hand.

Eyebolts are formed of three basic components including a loop-shaped at the top which can be welded or forged. A shoulder is a skirt-like structure where the eye and shank meet, and which is designed to resist bending and a shank is a threaded shaft that attaches to the eye.

Here are some of the types of eye bolts.

Anchor eye bolts: These eye bolts are suitable for ceiling and partitioning applications which are made with stainless steel. They are easy to install and offer rush protection. They are generally used in masonry and concrete applications and are also widely incorporated for making burglar proof doors, home decoration, engineering etc.

Screw eyes: Also known as eye screws, these bolts are a screw with a loop on one end and threads on the other end. They are used to attach cables to objects like to attach paintings to a hall. Eye Bolts with some form of anchor bolt also enable securing into masonry structures.

Ringbolt: Ring bolts form two chain links with a captive ring that passes through the eye of the ring’s head. They are commonly used to create a lifting eye so that a crane can be attached safely to machinery. This can reduce bending forces on an eyebolt.

Eye nut: These bolts are sometimes identified as lifting eyes and serve as an instrument in ports, electric power, shipbuilding, petrochemical, automobile manufacturing, mining, railway, transportation, marine rescue, airport construction, bridges, and other important industries as well as mechanical equipment for infrastructure projects. They are made with high tensile alloy, steel and carbon and feature different dimensions.

Pigtail eye bolts: Pigtail eye bolts are formulated with stainless steel and are generally used to spend air, water, refrigeration, and electrical telephone cable handrails. These are formed from a length of the bar with a head bent into a shape of a helix so that it does not fully close on itself but rotates to 360 degrees.

Dynamo eyebolts: These versatile bolts have a large eye and provide a convenient attachment point. They allow a shackle pin to go through the eye and ensure that the eye bolt moves freely and is not forced into a rigid position.

Eyebolts should be properly used as choosing the improper eye bolt for the job can cause catastrophic accidents. For more information and help to choose the right kind of eye bolt for your job, visit our website.



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