How Dillon AP dynamometer is useful for your business?

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If you are looking for the best and perfect weight measuring instrument, then AP dynamometer is an excellent option for you. It is precisely designed for measuring tension and weight in an accurate manner. Dillon is a globally known manufacturer for AP dynamometers and Saudi Dutest is the authorized Dillon AP dynamometer supplier in Saudi Arabia. The Company offers high-quality AP dynamometer in order to fulfil plenty of jobs as suspended weighing, mounting cables for bridges, adjusting tension on guy wires, as well as field testing chain and rope. Generally, these dynamometers are suitable for everything that requires precision force and tension measurement.

Features of Dillon AP dynamometer:

Our qualitative range of Dillon AP dynamometer exhibits unlimited versatility as a tension, traction as well as weight measuring instrument. Features of this instrument include:

  • We offer varieties of dynamometer in different capacities and resolutions to meet the exact needs of our clients.
  • Without any battery, you can easily operate this high-quality measuring instrument.
  • You have an option to choose the right dial size of this instrument from our enormous range.
  • This instrument is featured with anti-parallax dial and pointer that produce accurate measurement readings from any perspective.
  • Anti-corrosive powder is used for making this product corrosion resistant and highly durable.
  • Plentiful shackle openings mate is available with most hooks as well as equipment.
  • It comes with high strength case that easily resists heavy blows.

Specifications of Dillon AP dynamometer:

  • Accuracy: ±5% of capacity
  • Temperature Range: -50° to 140° F | -45° to 60° C
  • Construction: The pressure bar is made by using the high-grade alloy steel and aluminium. Shackles are made from forged steel as well as shackles pins are made from machined from steel.
  • Case Housing: We use high strength composite plastic case for 5” models and cast aluminium enclosure for 10” models.
  • Corrosion Protection: We use anti-corrosive powder for making pressure bar, shackles, pins, and all integral machining and fasteners rust-proof.

Among a majority of Dillon AP dynamometer suppliers in Saudi Arabia, we at Saudi Dutest offers you with the best quality of AP dynamometer for measuring the tension and weight in an accurate and efficient manner and you can choose us as your right supplier as per your exact requirements.


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