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A geared trolley also known as hand geared trolley help you manoeuver easily where a motion parallel to the beam is necessary. They are an excellent choice when accurate load spotting is a must. Geared trolleys incorporate a looped hand chain, which is attached to a hand chain wheel or sprocket.  When the operator pulls the hand chain, the sprocket then engages the gears which facilitate wheel movement.  Upon pulling the chain, the trolley will travel in the opposite direction.

Geared trolleys are utilized in a wide variety of applications, as they have many properties which makes it an ideal lifting equipment. One of the biggest challenge faced by the geared trolleys is alternating the direction of the rotation i.e. the ability to move the loads in both directions.

Geared trolleys are a kind of lifting equipment that are suitable for flat surfaces and also those surfaces with some minor irregularities on the surface. The hand chain drop of geared trolleys allow to and fro movement and its suspension eye allows for an easy connection to lifting gears like hooks. They are made of Carbon Steel.

Saudi Dutest is a prominent authorized supplier of geared trolley in Saudi Arabia. The design of the geared trolleys supplied by Saudi Dutest is backed with reliable and latest technology. Thus, the trolleys can face challenging operating conditions. That makes them much in demand.

The Saudi Dutest geared trolleys have below features:

  • Light and compact design
  • Durable and easy to handle
  • Easy to install and assemble
  • Are good for use in applications that have a shorter traversing distance and precise load movement.
  • Allow smooth operations and better durability

Saudi Dutest’s geared trolleys feature hardened heat-treated steel wheels that ensure reliable tracking and their sealed ball bearings avoid maintenance hassles and provide smooth operation. They offer a very simple state-of-the-art design allowing easy configurations and multiple product options. It is also light weight so it requires less labor and time for installation, which contributes to a total cost reduction.

Saudi Dutest is one of the best lifting equipment supplier in Saudi Arabia, they represent a wide range of lifting equipment from the leading manufacturing brands. All of its products are manufactured as per various safety standards in order to ensure proper safety during the works. Their aim is to achieve maximum customer satisfaction through delivery of certified and best quality lifting equipment and services in the KSA.



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