General factors that you should consider when purchasing chain slings

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Overview: Chain slings are the most versatile and robust type of slings and usually have one, two or four legs.

Safe use of chain slings:

  • Use packing to prevent damage to the chain slings from corners or edges and to protect the load.
  • Never use damage or contaminated slings and avoid chain slings in contact with chemicals or heat without manufacturer approval.
  • Always discuss the operations of chain slings with some authorized or sling operator before using it.
  • Include the weight of the slings in the load on the lifting hook.
  • The strength of chain sling can be affected by chemically affected environments. If the chain sling is damaged then it will reduce sling work load limits.
  • Before each use of chain sling, inspect or examine the sling whether it is twisted, deformed and also inspect for heat damage or corrosion.

Factors to consider before buying chain slings:

  • Extreme temperatures can cause expansion or contraction of chain which can shorten the lifespan of chain slings so before purchasing the chain slings these environmental factors should be considered.
  • Chain slings comes in a different shapes and sizes so for oddly shaped loads always use multi- leg chain slings and for regularly shaped loads simplistic chain arrangements can be used.
  • Load weight is one of the most prominent factors to determine what type of sling you should go with because from single chain slings to four chain slings or multi chain slings have a maximum load weights that needs to be strictly follow.
  • Before buying the chain sling you should also consider the brand. The brand of which you are purchasing the chain slings should be of supreme quality, reliable and used for longer duration.

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