General Guidance for safe use of Lifting Shackles

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A lifting shackle has a wide range of usage in heavy equipment usage. They are a vital part of carrying large loads and consist of a body and a pin. The body is where the maximum stress is experienced. The pin holds the two legs of the body together and prevents them from bending due to excess weights to an extent.

Shackles vary according to the type of pin they use. They may be bolted or screwed type of pins. It varies according to your requirement.

Now shackles are equipment that are small yet crucial to lifting equipment. One slip up can lead to damage and destruction immensely. Some steps to safe usage are-

  1. After each time of using it, check for wear and tear, corrosion, abrasions, bending, These are all signs that your equipment needs to be replaced or repaired.
  2. Do not overbear it beyond the given weight capacity. Doing so will most likely damage the shackle, drop the load and cause a lot of damage.
  3. Screw the pin properly and make sure you’re using the right pin.
  4. Excessive bending means that the shackle is no longer fit for use and needs to be completely replaced with a new one.
  5. Do not forcefully insert the shackles into position by hammering.
  6. Replacement with unknown parts will cause severe damage to the part or it may not even function.

Follow these tips, and you’ll save your time and money without risking any unnecessary damage that could have been easily prevented.

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