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Wire rope slings are known as extremely simple equipment but it is one of the most substantial and refined product that is used in manufacturing, construction and other vital industries. Wire rope slings known for its robustness, solidness which includes different wire strands to lift substantial burdens. Nowadays wire ropes are used in every area of applications like carrying, lifting, pulling, holding and bracing etc. The most important thing while selecting the wire rope sling is to understand the need in which it is required, it means the kind of object and material to be lifted and also the highest amount of weight that the wire rope sling needs to support. Wire rope is essentially used in industrial operations which includes unrivalled quality with great credibility and power. The wire rope slings consist of a number of small individual wires that are formed into strands. The strands are then twisted together to form one solid rope which is specified by number of strands and then a range of wires per strand.

Factors to consider when using wire rope slings:

  • Always remember before using wire rope slings that never join wire rope slings made from different lays of wire rope together as this will cause them to un-lay thus seriously affecting their capacity.
  • Before you lift the weight with the help of wire rope slings you must know about how much weight you are moving how far you need to move it and also how high you should lift it.
  • Always take care about wire rope slings that they should be stored on a rack and not lying on the ground.
  • Keep wire rope slings clean and protected from corrosion.
  • Good slinging practice must ensure that the load is as safe and secure in the air as it was on the ground and that no harm is done to the load, lifting equipment, other property or persons.
  • Always make sure that the load’s weight is within the rated capacity of the sling, including consideration of sling leg angles and load’s physical parameters.
  • After you’re done with your lift, assess the sling for possible damage. If damaged and not usable, destroy the sling immediately. Otherwise, return it to your sling storage until your next lift.

Remembering these factors in mind will prevent you any kind of mishap in future. Saudi Dutest is one of the recognized wire rope slings manufacturer who delivers quality slings to its customers and keep good maintenance on chain slings among an extensive variety of other lifting equipment.


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