A guide to select best Chain Slings

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Summary: Chain Slings are ideal for applications when extra strength is required. It is an excellent choice for customization purpose. These are used to hold and lift heavy things. Chain Slings are mostly used in construction that needs lifting up of heavy materials or equipment. They make our work easy and more important getting working tools up to the required areas. Chain Slings can be custom built to meets the needs of any lift with ease.

Use of chain slings:

Chain slings are used for a wide variety of lifts. Chain slings are the most common type of sling used in lifting and rigging. Chain slings are used for lifting heavy items on construction sites such as pipes, building material and concrete slabs.

Reasons for choosing chain slings:

If your job requires a sling that will handle rough, heavy duty lifting then chain slings may be your best option. The general characteristics of chain slings allow them to stand up to everyday use. Versatility and durability are the reasons that chain slings and fitting chain slings are considered to be a great option.

Usage Guidelines:

  • Always inspect a chain sling before use to ensure that it is free from damage.
  • The chain should be free of twists and is protected from any sharp corners of the load.
  • Ensure that the load is evenly distributed on all sling legs.
  • When lowering, avoid the possibility of crushing the chain by ensuring that the load does not land on the chain or any component of the sling.

Selection of the correct chain slings and fitting:

  • The type of chain slings should be single, two, three and four leg.
  • The capacity of the sling must be both long and strong enough for the load.

Why one should consider Saudi Dutest for best quality of chain slings?

Saudi Dutest is a part of the Bin Dasmal Group. As a leading chain sling manufacturer, Saudi Dutest produces and delivers the finest products. They manufacture and supply many different types of chain slings and all of which are of the supreme quality. The company’s products are available at an affordable price & the Chain Slings are considered as the best slings in Saudi Arabia.

Saudi Dutest is one of the premium chain sling manufacturers, having a wide range of chain slings based on the capacity and requirement.


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