How are lifting shackles used & what are their advantages?

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What is a lifting shackle?

A lifting shackle provides an integrated load monitoring solution. A lifting shackle is simply a shackle body with a load monitoring pin installed, allowing you to use a load cell instead of existing rigging hardware. Shackles, as opposed to load links, which require additional rigging shackles to be inserted into the lifting arrangement, reduce rig length by about a third, making them an ideal solution for low-headroom lifts and load tests.

Why are they used?

In severe and difficult conditions, lifting shackles give an accurate and dependable evaluation of tensile loads. Lifting shackles work in shear, unlike load links, which act in tension. Strain gauges are installed in a bore that runs down the pin’s centerline, parallel to two shear grooves on the outside. This creates a loading area where the shear force is used to calculate the force (load applied).

Lifting shackles have undergone extensive testing to ensure that they provide reliable weighing solutions for a wide range of tensile load operations. They have a stainless-steel pin with a load bobbin design to help you keep track of your load.

Lifting shackles, like load links, are meant to correctly monitor loads when executing lifting and weighing activities. The fundamental difference between a load link and a shackle is that the load monitoring shackle replaces existing rigging hardware, indicating very few changes are needed to existing rigging arrangements – offering an optimal situation for low-headroom lifts and load tests.

Advantages of Lifting shackles?

With internal gauging and a stainless-steel centralizing load bobbin, the fully welded and hermetically sealed stainless steel construction provides an airtight seal for accurate load monitoring.

Applications of lifting shackles?

Lifting shackles are designed for use in compact lifting and weighing applications in harsh and challenging environments, such as marine, offshore, and subsea environments, where maneuverability is limited.

It’s ideal for indoor overhead cranes, BOP tests, and other offshore load testing applications where space is limited because it can replace existing rigging hardware with load monitoring capabilities.

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