How does a snatch block work?

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Snack blocks are special tools that are frequently used by off roaders who need to haul large quantities of weight. They enable easier functioning of winches and are a great tool to have if your vehicle is equipped with a winch. As a leading lifting equipment supplier in Saudi Arabia, Saudi Dutest delivers high quality lifting equipment and services including snatch blocks to increase the pulling power of the winch. Snack blocks need to be used carefully but have a simple operation process. They simply provide a different way for the winch line to be mounted and come in handy to pull machines out like recovering a vehicle from a ditch. Here are some important things to remember when using a snatch block.

Winches work because of the pull ratio provided by the cable or rope. A snatch block increases the pull ratio by keeping more of the rope off the barrel. It is ideal for short distance hauling to prevent the user from straining the winch by trying to haul heavy weight and instead multiplies the pulling capacity of the winch.

If you are recovering yourself, you could attach the winch cable back onto the front of your vehicle and perform a double line pull. This is essentially the same process as a standard winch recovery, the only real difference being the setup. Be sure that you are properly mounting the winch line on the front of the vehicle to a suitable tow spot. You can easily put you and your vehicle into more trouble if you accidentally rip off parts of your vehicle while trying to recover.

Snatch blocks are composed of two rotating sides for off-road recovery. To position the winch line properly inside the snatch block, the top part is rotated, fully exposing the interior pulley. Once it is positioned this way, the upper portion of the loop is rotated over the other half. The snatch box is then attached to the mounting point with a D-ring.

A snatch block pulley system is best used with a few other pieces of equipment. These include a winch winder, a hook end-fitting, line dampeners, tow straps, a chain and grab hook etc. Saudi Dutest offers a snatch block that is custom-made to fit the needs of a particular application. With a snatch block pulley system, you can do away with heavy-duty equipment like crane motors or winch winders.
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