How to lift a shipping container

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When handling shipping containers of various sizes or types at ports or intermodal terminals, several container lifting techniques and equipment are employed.

The most common shipping containers, known as dry freight or cargo containers, are used primarily to store and move goods using a variety of means of transportation, including ships, trains, and trucks. At ports, hundreds of thousands of cargo containers must be handled each day; as a result, you must use the appropriate container lifting technique and equipment to move either filled or unloaded shipping containers to enhance throughput capacity.

Container Lifting Jacks

For raising containers in regions with a smaller container volume, container lifting jacks are a convenient and affordable alternative. Containers weighing up to 32,000 kg (70,000 lbs.) can be lifted by some models. The most efficient and quality chain slings supplied by Saudi Dutest are the best choice for using while lifting containers. In exchange for significantly greater affordability and mobility, this container lifting technology sacrifices speed and automation. Automated options, however, cut lifting time in half to just five minutes.

Gantry Cranes

The massive cranes known as gantry cranes are used to hoist containers off ships. A dockside location is where they are. Gantry cranes are typically anchored to one spot but can travel up and down a pier. They are quite expensive, which leads most businesses to search for alternatives. They’re frequently utilized on docks. These types of cranes typically require strong and durable wire ropes and slings perform their functions efficiently. Gantry cranes with rubber tires or rail mounts are available in lower sizes. The lifting, transporting, and stacking of cargo containers are all done with their help.

Straddle Carriers

Like the gantry crane, straddle carriers come in a variety of capacities and raise containers from the top. They can easily transport shipping containers on-site and are mobile, but because of their size and weight, they must function on a surface made of reinforced concrete. The Saudi Dutest products are the best lifting equipment recommended for these operations. Importers, exporters, and container depots handling low to medium container quantities occasionally use smaller straddle carriers, also known as “mini straddles.”


Most industrial and warehousing firms use forklifts, which are necessary pieces of equipment. A large capacity forklift can lift and carry empty and lightweight containers, if necessary, even if their primary application is for short-distance general material transportation.

Reach Stackers

When handling containers, a reach stacker is a quick and effective solution. A reach stacker, which can lift very heavy containers, can move individual containers across a construction site. Additionally, they are employed in the movement of containers from the ground to the stack, rail cars, and chassis. Since some reach stacker models may stack up to two or three containers simultaneously of varying heights and sizes, they vary depending on the model.

Saudi Dutest products like chain slings, wire ropes and slings, and shackles are best utilized in these procedures. Without assistance from staff on the ground, reach stackers are automated and operated from the driver’s seat.

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