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Wire rope slings are the common lifting equipment, which is used in heavy lifting applications. The flexibility and versatility which is offered by the wire rope slings are not found in any other slings. Well, this is the main reason, why all the construction based clients greatly prefer the wire rope slings. But to ensure good quality wire rope slings, it is necessary to find an efficient wire rope slings distributors.

There are many suppliers of wire rope slings in the Middle East, but not all the dealers are trustable. Only some few suppliers have managed to satisfy all the needs of the clients. Saudi Dutest is one of the best suppliers of wire rope slings in Saudi Arabia. It has been doing this business since 2011 and has effectively set a good brand image in the industry. Being a part of Dutest, Saudi Dutest represents the best quality wire rope slings.

Well, Dutest is one of the leading manufacturer and supplier of wire rope slings. Dealing with the products of Dutest, Saudi Dutest highly ensures the best wire rope slings. Different clients have different needs, and accordingly, they opt for different wire rope slings.  So, Saudi Dutest has arranged wire rope slings with multi leg configurations.

In some lifting tasks, it is necessary to cover the load from all the directions, so the multi leg configured wire rope slings are greatly preferred. These slings are made up of steel wires and are maintained in the cable structure. Because of the cable structure, it is feasible for the wire rope slings to enhance the flexibility. The size of the wire rope slings varies from 6mm to 89 mm.

Again, different end fittings are also enabled with the wire rope slings, which ensure good attachment with the loads. Being an efficient wire rope slings distributors, Saudi Dutest has arranged a different kind of fittings and accessories, necessary for wire rope slings. Some popular fittings include wire rope clips, wire rope thimbles, endless sling grommet, eye bolts, and nuts.

Well, all these fittings are used with the wire rope slings to ensure proper safety and productivity during the lifting application. Thus, whatever may be the needs regarding the wire ropes slings, Saudi Dutest has got an effective solution for that. So, don’t delay and grab the best offers on wire rope slings from Saudi Dutest.


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