Introduction to Polyester Webbing Slings

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Webbing slings help lift heavy objects safely and securely, with several advantages. Woven and made from polyester, webbing slings are lighter and easier to use than their chain and wire counterparts, making attachment and removal to the object at hand easier.

Webbing sling safety factors are expressed in ratios, expressed via the universal color coding for slings. Webbing slings come in 8 different colors, namely:

  1. Purple – up to 1 tonnes
  2. Green – up to 2 tonnes
  3. Yellow – up to 3 tonnes
  4. Grey – up to 4 tonnes
  5. Red – up to 5 tonnes
  6. Brown – up to 6 tonnes
  7. Blue – up to 8 tonnes
  8. Orange – up to 10 tonnes

Once the safety factor is understood, it needs to be used effectively to reduce risk of injury when in use. When the webbing sling is attached, the weight of the load is spread across the sling as much as possible.

Flat eye slings are the most common type of webbing sling, used in all three types of hitches, namely vertical, choker, and basket hitches. In addition to color, the number of black lines on slings is indicative of its working load limit.

Webbing slings are available in a wide range of sizes and materials in single-leg and endless sling forms. The slings to be used must be selected taking the following aspects into account:

  1. Material

Polyester webbing slings are identified by a blue label, resistant to moderate strength acids but damaged by alkalis. Polyamide, or nylon, is identified by green labels immune to alkalis but damaged by acids. Polypropylene is identified by brown labels, slightly affected by acids or alkalis but damaged by some tars, solvents, and paints, and thus suitable for high chemical resistance applications other than applications where solvents are required.

     2. Capacity

The sling must be long and strong enough for the load and slinging method. The mode factor must be applied for the slinging method.

For use at temperatures above 80°C, or below 0°C, supplier instructions must be referred to. 

Webbing slings are available from 25 mm to 300 mm, and 500 kg to 24,000 kg capacity, although higher capacity slings are made as per requirements. Additionally, reverse, flat and leather-protected eyes are available as well.

Sleeves can be fitted as per the requirements of the application. EN 1492 standard is used for manufacturing, inspection, and testing of webbing fitting slings. It has a safety factor of 7:1, except when fitted with steel end fitting, where it is 4:1.

Certifications are provided with all webbing slings products and flat woven webbing slings, or polyester, with soft eye options also available.

The different types of webbing slings available areas are listed below:

  • Single ply flat polyester webbing slings
  • Double ply flat polyester webbing slings
  • Three ply flat polyester webbing slings
  • Four ply flat polyester webbing slings

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