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As the demand for lifting products and accessories are increasing, a number of companies are dealing with the lifting equipment products. It has been observed that not all companies are providing genuine and authentic lifting equipment to the clients. In order to reduce the conditions in the market, Saudi Dutest started to deal with the best quality lifting equipment.

With time, Saudi Dutest has earned the reputation, from being the best dealer of lifting equipment in Saudi Arabia Understanding the need of the clients, it ensures proper occupational safety with the best quality lifting equipment. The efficient engineers, experts at Saudi Dutest analyze the risks associated with lifting equipment and according to that test and inspect the lifting equipment with great efficiency.

It has been observed that some companies are supplying lifting equipment, just in order to fulfill the demand of the clients, but those lifting equipment are not certified and maintained as per international standards. Thus, high risks are associated with those lifting equipment. But here in Saudi Dutest, each and every product is maintained as per proper safety and international standards.

In order to ensure the best quality lifting products, Saudi Dutest deals with the following popular manufacturing brands:

Gripton –

It’s a UK based company, which mainly deals with different varieties of slings including chain slings, wire rope sling, and webbing slings. It also deals with a wide range of lifting gears. The main objective of Gripton, is to provide the best quality lifting equipment at the best possible price.

Dillon –

Dillon is the first company, which introduced the mechanical dynamometer in the industry. And since then, it has been designing high quality force measuring equipment in order to fulfill the requirements. It has also manufactured innovative electronic dynamometers in order to reduce the complexities.

Crosby –

There is a huge demand for Crosby’s Shackles in the lifting industry. It has been supplying different varieties of lifting equipment since 130 years. Though its roots are maintained with tradition, all of its branches are equipped with proper innovation.

Casar –

This Company was founded in 1948, and since then it is providing innovative stranded ropes. It introduced 8 stranded ropes when the trend of 6 stranded ropes was maintained in the market.

Dealing with all these globally leading brands, Saudi Dutest ensures supply of high quality lifting equipment in Saudi Arabia. Again, all the products are available at affordable prices.

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