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Overview:  All across the globe overhead lifting operations are the necessary activity in various industries like construction, manufacturing, and oil & gas industry. To achieve success in any business it is vital to assure the safe loading, unloading, lifting or lowering of the materials or products. If the personnel at the work site are unable to follow the safe lifting practices then it can lead to serious injuries or accidents at the site and can also cause damage to the facility and equipment itself. Although there many options available across Saudi Arabia with which you can lift or load heavy materials but pulling hoists supplied by Saudi Dutest are of safe and premium quality.

But before you plan on to buy pulling hoists from any supplier, there are certain factors that you must consider in order to get the best. Below mentioned are the factors:

Cost: The supplier you are going to deal with must be very clear in terms of the cost he would charge from you. All equipment should be according to standard market rates.

Quality & Safety:  A supplier will always be concerned with the quality of the pulling hoist and how safe the surrounding would be in which it will be used. As safety and quality are the most important aspects in regards to any lifting equipment, therefore, consider them as the top priority.

Delivery: While placing the order with a supplier thoroughly check that the equipment and related services will be delivered to you within the given time frame. This will show you how reliable a supplier is and will enable you to trust him.

Service:  Services provided by a supplier holds an important place in the criteria on which the supplier will be reviewed. If the services are poor then no one would ever return to the supplier again but if he is determined and provides quality services then he will be the sought out after. Choose the one with reliable and quality services.

Social Responsibility: An overall well-acknowledged supplier will always be responsible towards the society and environment. It can be measured by viewing the certifications provided to the supplier by various national and international standards and certifications like DNV ISO 9001, DNV ISO 14001, and DNV OHSAS 18001 for quality, environment and safety respectively.

Risk: Calculating the risk factor while contacting a supplier is a must so that you can be prepared in advance for any of the mishaps that can occur due to poor supply of equipment and also how effective your supplier in handling any such situation.

Saudi Dutest, one of  the leading pulling hoist suppliers in Saudi Arabia is determined on providing their clients with durable & reliable lifting equipment like pulling hoists, chain slings, wire rope and slings, shackles, chain block, lever block and many more.


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