Lifting equipment calls for regular inspections

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Anybody working with lifting gear will know the hefty strain that this hardware is set under and the regularly many moving parts and pieces that are involved in an operation.Anything can go wrong when dealing with heavy lifting instruments.The load capacity might not match the weight of your products, workers may not have proper training and the equipment itself may be in a state of disrepair.

Any of these issues can lead to an unsafe working environment and cause serious problems. Thorough planning is essential, and only the highest quality and most robust equipment must be used. Although, despite of a well-designed and constructed equipment, it is bound to suffer wear and tear damage over its extended usage.

Certain lifting operations require usage of equipment over dozen or hundred times a day. This repeated cycle will eventually deteriorate the quality of the equipment over a period of time. This being one of the main reasons why lifting equipment inspection, testing and certification is so crucial.

  1. Damage inspection: If there is any fault or damage with the lifting equipment, it can be detected sooner than later. Broken and rusted parts can pose a serious threat to the workers using the lifting equipment. If anything does need repair, you’ll have an outline of exactly what needs to be fixed.


  1. Reduce risk factor: Inspection allows you to identify old material which is deteriorating and replace it with new material. It can also protect workers from avoidable injuries by getting ahead of issues before they become a threat to safety.


  1. Reduces costs: Regular inspections will allow you to avoid unforeseen charges and reduce time and cost in the longer run. It will furthermore ensure that all parts and features are in good working condition and are operational.


  1. Improve quality and build customer reliability: Timely inspection of lifting equipment from credible companies allow customers to have more faith in the company products and services and builds reliability.


Saudi Dutest is a prominent lifting equipment supplier and third party inspection service provider in Saudi Arabia. With over decades over industry experience, they have built a longstanding image in the construction, manufacturing and civil industries. They aim to deliver highest quality of premium lifting gear ensuring a highly customer centric service.

The third party inspection services provided by Saudi Dutest are accredited, technically competent, with international recognition that allows their inspection reports to be authentic and are highly recommended in the GCC.


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