How lifting equipment are useful?

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Saudi Dutest is one of the well-known lifting companies in Saudi Arabia and the global market. The company is known for its strong global brand name, high quality standards and flexible specialized solutions. Lifting equipment used at work should be strong and stable enough for the particular use and marked to indicate safe working loads. The company always focuses on safety on lifting equipment and that is why it is considered to be one of the reliable lifting equipment companies in Saudi Arabia.

Quality of Lifting Equipment

  • The reason why equipment should be of good quality is down to the key part it can play in the construction process. The load of immense, substantial material falls on the wires and the jacks and thus buying something of poor quality can lead to on site mishaps. From lifting something with the help of a crane to transporting something from one place to another, these are some of the most common things one can see machines doing heavy lifting at work.
  • Bringing lifting equipment into the working environment will make the work easier for the employees as they won’t need to lift the heavy items manually, leading to a reduced risk of injury from heavy lifting. Adding lifting machinery to your warehouse has many benefits if the right process is followed, ensuring the safety of the workers is our top priority.
  • A suitable lifting device for the task at hand would be most effective in getting the job done smoothly without potential problems arising. The right lifting gear should also accord cost-effectiveness that allows the consumer to enjoy savings to get the job done.

Types of lifting equipment:

  • Wire rope and wire rope slings: Wire rope slings, also called wire cable slings, are stronger and sturdier than nylon slings and also have higher temperature limits. Wire rope slings with an independent wire rope core can endure contact and exposure to temperatures up to 400 degrees (F). Manufacture and repair services are available for Wire Rope Slings (from 6mm to 89mm in diameter) in various rope constructions. Repair services are available for socket fittings using wire lock resin kits.
  • Chain slings: Chain slings make up an important part of lifting equipment, as they are flexible and rigid and can be used for many different purposes. Assembling and repair services are available for Grade 80 Chain Slings (from 7mm to 32mm in diameter) and including wide range of Grade 80 components & fittings as well.
  • Webbing slings: Webbing slings are usually made from polyester, and are designed to lift heavy loads. Webbing slings are flexible, lightweight and have a wide bearing surface, which helps protect the load you are lifting.

We have planned, developed and built lifting equipment components for our customers. The focus of our team is on our customers and highest possible quality for our equipment. The Company always focuses on quality of lifting equipment to be manufactured and customer satisfaction. This is the reason why Saudi Dutest is considered as one of the best lifting equipment manufacturers in Saudi Arabia.


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