Why Nut and Bolt Bow Shackles have Priority Choice in Lifting Industry?

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The role of shackles in the lifting industry is significant. Shackles are being utilized for all types of lifting and rigging operations from decades. Due to the precise shape at the opening, the thick piece of metal has become the most suitable hardware component for safe overhead lifting.

You can find a wide number of shackles manufacturer companies offering varied models, but one design that has become the preferred choice of lots of industries is the Nut and Bolt Bow shackle. Saudi Dutest is the biggest company, pioneering the industry by offering varied types of high load shackles but the precisely shaped nut and bolt bow shackle has become one of our best selling products.

A large number of clients are considering our offered nut and bolt bow shackle as the perfect choice for their lifting job because of its numerous advantages:

  1. The design standards of nut and bolt bow shackles make it the ideal option for long term jobs. So if you are looking for a reliable lifting hardware component then this shackle is the best thing for your permanent applications.
  2. As a leading entity in KSA, we focus on robust standards for quality and manufacturing and procure products from the most recognized shackles manufacturer company as Gripton to offer the best shackle design which is suitable for overhead lifting operations.
  3. In order to ensure workplace safety, our offered nut and bolt bow shackles are second to none. Featuring the nut and cotter pin the offered model fulfills the challenge of enhanced safety in today’s critical work environments.
  4. Made from forged carbon steel material with alloy steel pin, our offered shackles are winning strong client trust for assuring remarkable durability standards.
  5. With a 6 to 1 factor of safety, the individually proof load tested and hot dip galvanized nut and bolt bow shackles are making their way to the category of high performance shackles.

As far as construction standards are concerned, our offered shackles feature the robustness of quenched and tempered manufacturing, which indeed make us the most trusted company in the sector.

Apart from the robust and highly durable nut and bolt bow shackles, we are engaged in catering to the exacting client needs by offering a wide range of shackles offered by the best shackles manufacturer like Gripton Company. As part of our industry approved lifting supplies, we are offering screw pin bow shackles, screw pin D shackles and nut and bolt D shackles. Contact our specialists to find the best product suitable for your lifting job.

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