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Each and every client who is involved with various lifting applications highly prefers to use the lifting equipment instead of manual lifting. When a heavy load is lifted by using manpower, then it takes a lot of time, again different risks are also associated with those lifting works. Thus, to reduce the stress of the hard-core industrial clients, the reputed manufacturers have managed to manufacture high quality lifting equipment.

The demand for the lifting equipment is pretty high in the Middle East market. Thus, a number of manufacturers are involved in the manufacturing works in order to fulfill the demand of the clients. Saudi Dutest is one of the leading dealers of lifting equipment in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. It understood the need for high quality lifting equipment, as a lot of accidental risks are always associated with the lifting equipment.

And accordingly collaborated with the leading lifting equipment manufacturer, to supply efficient equipment to the clients. Basically, it is an active part of Dutest, which operates in and around Saudi Arabia. Saudi Dutest mainly represents the lifting equipment of Gripton, Dillon, Modulift, Crosby, Casar, many more brands. All these brands are considered as the reputed manufacturing brands in the lifting industry.

Dealing with such reputed lifting equipment manufacturer, Saudi Dutest has arranged every kind of lifting solution under one roof. It mainly deals with the Shackles, force measuring equipment, lifting gears, wire rope slings and fittings, webbing slings, and chain slings. To ensure proper performance of these products, Saudi Dutest has maintained an efficient team, which inspects and tests the equipment with great efficiency.

Before the delivery of a product, the product is tested a number of times, in order to ensure high efficiency of the product. Again, the team is always ready to solve the issues of the clients. So, whenever a client requests for maintenance services, the team ensures a proper solution to the client without any down time. The reputation of Saudi Dutest is pretty high in Saudi Arabia.

The industrial clients highly trust the products of Saudi Dutest, as proper safety and performance are ensured. Thus, whatever may be the issues regarding the lifting products and solutions, Saudi Dutest has got proper cover for everything related to the lifting industry.


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