What is pulling hoist and its features?

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Lifting and pulling heavy objects may seem sometimes a daunting task. Saudi Dutest is one of the best and prominent pulling hoist suppliers in Saudi Arabia offers a premium quality range of lifting equipment to make your lifting task hassle-free. We use a high-quality chain and wire rope for making these pulling hoists strong as well as durable and also making them suitable for pulling and lifting applications.

Our range of pulling hoists is lever operated and offers light weight, solid execution and generous working existence with the additional benefits of lower operator exertion and less rope wear. They are designed to perform tasks, for example, lifting, pulling and general movement of loads. Nowadays, the demand of these hoists has been increasing enormously in plenty of industries such as construction, marine, mining, engineering, and many more.

Features of pulling hoists:

  • They are available in a compact and lightweight design which makes them perfect for utilizing in narrowed or limited space.
  • Their user-friendly operation and variety of structures; making them suitable for plenty of applications in different industries.
  • The user can operate these pulling hoists in any position; horizontal, vertical as well as angled.
  • We use the best quality aluminium material for making this product suitable for lots of industries containing underground mining applications.
  • Our range of products is available with the powder coated finish that makes it rust proof.
  • Pulling hoists are precisely featured with shear pins that provide complete overload protection.

Maintenance tips for pulling hoists:

If you want to give the complete protection to your employees in your working zone, then these hoists must be properly maintained. Here are some tips for safe operation such as:

  • Check your hoists before and after each use. If you find any damage, it’s essential to replace it right away.
  • Always keep your lifting accessories clean and dirt-free. If necessary, unwind the hoist completely, and utilize a clean cloth to remove dirt.
  • Always make sure of your pulling hoist remains in perfect working condition with the help of regular maintenance.
  • Precisely lubricate the pulling hoist as per our instructions.

With plenty of options available in the market to opt from, choosing the best pulling hoist supplier like Saudi Dutest is worthwhile as we are authorized, trustworthy and reliable.


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