Safety factors to be considered when using lifting equipment

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Lifting equipment is the work equipment and accessories used for lifting and lowering loads. They are used in different industrial areas to move large objects efficiently and to reduce manual handling operations. Mishandling of the lifting equipment can lead to disastrous accidents. When it comes to safety equipment and fall protection, the safety factor is extremely important. Safety factors are applied by lifting equipment suppliers in order to protect everyone from unforeseen events. There are certain safety factors to be considered while using lifting equipment like the weights & dimensions of the load, the shape of the load, number & frequencies of lifts, ground conditions, height to which the load is raised, final position of the load and other factors. The load chart of a lifting equipment and trained professionals also help to make a safe transfer. Keeping the breaking load five times greater than the working load is a commonly used safety factor. Implementation of enough safety measures will reduce lifting accidents.

Lifting equipment suppliers stress on the importance of proper inspection of lifting appliances and gears by competent examiners. All lifting supplies should be regularly maintained to ensure its good operating conditions.

Important safety factors to be considered in the use of lifting equipment

  • Inspect the lifting equipment periodically for wear, broken wires, worn end attachments or damage.
  • Follow the equipment manufacturer’s lubrication requirements.
  • Wire rope slings strength can get affected by chemically active environments. Consult the lifting equipment supplier before using the slings in such environments.
  • Ensure that personnel do not pass or stand under a suspended load.
  • Consider whether the equipment has adequate strength for the proposed use.
  • Choose the most suitable lifting equipment for the assigned task by considering all the hazards and associated risks


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