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Overview: Dynamometer is a device that measures force, torque or power. By measuring the torque and rotational speed i.e., rpm one can calculate the power produced by an engine, motor or any other rotating device. How much torque or power is required in order to operate a driven machine can also be determined with the help of a dynamometer. But here you’ll require motoring or driving dynamometer. Dynamometer designed to driven is known as absorption or passive dynamometer, whereas a dynamometer used to drive or absorb is called universal or active dynamometer.

Different types of Dynamometers provided by Dillon:

  1. EDXtreme Dynamometer
  2. EDjunior Dynamometer
  3. AP Mechanical Dynamometer

Let’s discuss in detail about the EDXtreme Dynamometer provided by Dillon.

The EDXtreme represents the trademark accuracy and tough development of Dillon dynamometers. Its exceedingly refined plan draws on the intuitive strength of high grade materials to accomplish a 5:1 least factor of safety.While the EDXtreme might be arranged for something as simple as a digital hanging scale, it offers a more elevated amount of intellect.With client oriented works and modern communication choices, the EDXtreme promptly adjusts to multi-tasking activities or multi-interface frameworks absolute for checking a progression of critical stress points from a single location. It is the definition of utilization flexibility.

Dynamometers provided by Dillon are true examples of the instrument that is highly precise and can survive the real toughness as well as can endure extreme pressure as they are designed with excellent engineering. Here comes Dillon, radiating with years of excellence and experience. With profundity of knowledge of industrial applications, our engineers working with EDXtreme led comprehensive material testing in order to accomplishthe most noteworthy structural integrity.

When you go for an electronic dynamometer one of the major purpose is to get added functionality. The radio or hardwired alternatives accessible with the EDXtreme offer the comfort and security of remote activity. Furthermore, you can also create print versions, analyze and compile the readings once you download the information from a dynamometer to a PC by means of RS-232.

With the help of wired or radio technology you can efficiently handle the functioning of one or more EDXtreme dynamometers as it has an extremely powerful hand-held remote which is an optional Communicator. If you have programmable SOFTKEY interface then with one or more communicators you can monitor multiple dynamometers in a given area. A communicator will help you in calculating the total load by displaying readings at any or all lift points.

Dillon, leading AP dynamometer supplier in Saudi Arabia is represented by Saudi Dutest. The Company is the considered best in providing quality equipment for increased productivity of your business. Dillon provides you with both electrical and mechanical Dynamometers with vast variety of styles. If one is looking for best dynamometers, them Dillon should be given a priority for quality products which one of the reputed brands of Saudi Dutest in KSA.


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