Understanding Common Wire Rope Fittings

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It can be challenging to attach wire rope to equipment since it is prone to fraying readily at the ends. Wire rope ends are secured and kept from fraying using wire rope fittings, also known as wire rope terminations. Wire rope fittings come in a wide variety of styles, dimensions, and finishes that work with most types of rope. The following list of wire rope fittings includes some of the more popular varieties.

Wire rope thimbles

To avoid crushing the wire rope eye and save wear on the rope itself, a wire rope thimble is used in wire rope assemblies. A thimble is inserted to create the eye of the loop when a wire rope assembly is equipped with an eye at the end before the rope is fastened in the ferrule or wire rope grip.

Wire rope grips

When a wire rope’s free end has been coiled back to create an eye, it is clamped with a wire rope grip. Depending on the wire and application, wire rope assemblies often need a minimum of three wire rope grips to hold the ends effectively.

Wire rope ferrules

Ferrules for wire rope are used to finish the ends of the rope. To construct eyes or a stopper on the end of a wire rope assembly, oval-shaped sleeves are crushed around the wire rope. Either hand tools or a hydraulic press can be used for this. Only wire ropes with lower diameters should be hand-pressed for ferrules.

Wire rope turnbuckles

These wire rope fittings, which are connected to wire rope assemblies, allow you to change the tension of the wire rope. Two eye bolts, one at each end of a metal frame, are generally used as turnbuckles. By turning the frame, the wire rope’s tension can then be changed.

Wire rope sockets

Using a hydraulic press, a wire rope socket is fitted to the end of the wire rope and permanently fastened. These can be used as an alternative to ferrules, wire rope grips, and thimbles. Please do not attempt this at home since it requires specialized equipment and skills to attach these to wire ropes.

Wire rope sock

These fittings, which are a little different from the rest, can be used to draw wire rope through equipment and pulleys and over long distances. There are many different styles and sizes of wire rope socks.

Endless sling grommet

A wire sling variation known as a grommet is employed in massive engineering lifting operations. This is a continuous loop sling that is frequently utilized when additional flexibility is required for raising or anchoring. It can also be utilized when the harness is too small for a wire rope sling, which is more conventional.

Wire rope clip

The load-bearing elements known as wire rope clips are made specifically for use with wire rope. A load-bearing element is often required when using wire rope to hoist an item. An efficient solution is made available by wire rope clips. They can be mounted to the top of an item, following which the wire rope can be fastened to it. You can elevate the item onto which the wire rope clip is connected while it holds the wire rope.

Eye bolts

A mechanical attachment known as an eyebolt has a threaded shaft and a ring-shaped head. Eyebolts are utilized to secure an eye, by which the rope, cable, or shackles can be fastened, to a framework. Making a raising eye for a hoist to connect to equipment is a commonly used system for special-purpose lifting eyes that are approved for proper safety capacity.

Eye nuts

Fasteners with a looped head are called eye nuts. These are made to hold a wire rope or hook. Eye nuts are typically oval circular in form and thus are graded for various purposes. Eye nuts are threaded fasteners that can be attached to a stud or bolt and have a looped head. Those lifting eyes, which can be utilized with wire rope or cord for vertical lifting operations, are comprised of welded carbon steel or stainless steel. These can also be utilized with guiding cables and tie-downs. 

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