What are the advantages of using lifting beams?

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A lifting beam is one in which the weight lifted primarily produces bending stress on the beam itself. A single attachment spot or lug at the center of the top side of the beam for connection to a hoist, crane, or other lifting equipment is the fundamental layout of such a beam. On the bottom side of the beam, there are many regularly spaced lugs (two or more) to keep it linked to the weight.

As the item is raised, the beam is intended to flex slightly at both ends, putting stress on the bottom slings and through the beam itself. Lifting beams are appropriate for places where headroom is limited, such as inside a building or beneath a structure.

Two bails can be added to lifting beams so that they can be attached to two cranes or hoist hooks. The goal of employing a lifting beam is to maintain your lifting slings at a 90° angle to the horizon below the beam. This not only guarantees that you maintain a safe and solid grasp on the weight but also allows you to employ lifting slings to their full potential, enhancing total efficiency.

Lifting beams can be set up to accomplish a variety of tasks. For handling paper, fabric, or plastic film rolls, they can be supplied with fixed or rotating J hooks. Lifting beams can also be set to spin after the weight has been raised to assist with load positioning. A cantilevered lifting beam with a fixed counterweight can be used to raise items in difficult-to-reach places where a crane would be impractical. Lifting beams can also include lifting magnets attached to the bottom lifting lugs to aid in the lifting of a variety of metallic weights.

Lifting beams are available with fixed or adjustable lifting lugs and bails, allowing them to be utilized in a wide range of lifting applications. Lifting beams with adjustable lifting lugs can:

  • Lift imbalanced weights safely.
  • Make use of unique accessories.
  • Control the pressures that compress inward.

Lifting beams are also useful for supporting weights that are too weak or flexible to be raised using traditional lifting slings or clamps. A 3-point lifting beam, or even a 4-point lifting beam, can be used to provide even more support.

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