What’s the difference between ratchet and lever binders?

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Frequently referred to as “load binders,” chain binders are employed to tighten chains that are utilized to hold cargo during transport. Ratchet and lever chain binders are the two types of chain binders. The procedure used to tighten the binders differs for the two distinct types of binders depending on the situation.

Ratchet binders
A ratcheting operation is used by a ratchet binder, also known as a ratchet chain, to tighten the chain and secure the weight. It has two tension hooks on either end and a ratchet handle. Again, acting as a lever, the handle also has a screw thread. The pressure manually provided to the tie-down assembly can be increased by using both basic devices. When employing a ratchet binder, the lever and screw cooperate to maximize the pressure manually given to the tie-down component. As a result, applying tension requires far less pulling power on the handle than it does with a lever binder. The likelihood of the bar recoiling or bouncing back is decreased by the ratchet style’s construction, which does not retain as much tension in the handle compared to the other type.


  • Less manual labor required
  • Safer to use: No kickbacks
  • Greater mechanical benefit
  • Easier to modify in little steps


  • Typically, more costly
  • Not as compact
  • Tougher to use
  • Extra time is needed to set up


Lever Binders
Lever binders, which are often referred to as lever chains or snap binders, employ leverage to tighten the chain and hold the cargo. End of the tool has a tension hook. Because of their more straightforward form, lever binders are often simpler to operate. This design might be more difficult to tighten since it needs more effort and accumulates energy in the handle. Due to this, cheater bars are frequently used. Those bars are regarded as risky and should not be used.


  • Fast and user-friendly
  • Smaller in size
  • Generally cheaper


  • Demands more rigorous manual labor
  • If sufficient precautions are not followed, there is a risk of kickback


Which binder is ideal depending on a variety of things. Technicians should decide which style they can select based on how comfortable they are tightening the system.
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