Why are chain slings preferred over other types of Slings?

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Chain slings is one of the most widely used lifting gear which allows heavy loads to be lifted successfully. It is very important to choose the right kind of equipment while lifting heavy loads. These slings can be used in various industrial and construction applications.

There are several types of slings available in the market but and chain slings are the most used ones when it comes to lifting very heavy loads such as in shipping, aircraft or construction industry. These slings are flexible, temperature resistant, and strong enough to handle a wide array of loading conditions. It is essential that adequate safety precautions are followed at all times and in all aspects of any particular lifting scenario.

Saudi Dutest is a leading chain sling manufacturer and distributor for lifting equipment in Saudi Arabia. Their chain slings are recognized for their versatility, durability, and high strength. They provide both assembling and repair services for the same, including a wide range of components and fittings as well.

Industrial lifting slings that are made up of chain guarantee better performance compared to polyester round slings, nylon web slings, and twin-path slings. Recognized for their adjustability, chain rigging slings exhibit better temperature tolerance and cut resistance. Notably, the chain is manufactured in various grades. The strength of the rigging chain is indicated in terms of the lifting chain’s grade number and larger grade number indicates greater chain strength.

Chain slings are widely preferred as they exhibit the following features:

  • Chain slings are highly durable since they resist crushing, kinking, impact, cuts & abrasions.
  • They are resistant to chemicals and UV radiation.
  • Chain slings are not adversely effected by greasy or dirty environments
  • Minimum elongation under load.
  • Long service life compared to other Slings.
  • Can withstand high temperature.
  • Provide for versatility as they are easy to adjust and assemble.
  • Allow for easy inspection
  • Chain slings are repairable in comparison to other slings.

Saudi Dutest chain slings are well known for their durability and versatility and are thus considered as a great option over other slings. Chain slings allow ease of application and assembly and can be used for a variety of purposes and in multiple ways. Saudi Dutest provides their clients with regular inspection services which are certified and highly recommended for proper use and care of chain slings.


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