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Overview:  For the successful operation of critical lifting functions like carrying, conveying, lifting, and holding in a large variety of technical areas one must go for the wire rope slings as they are highly durable and reliable in efficiently performing such lifting tasks. A wire rope sling is available in a single leg, double leg or multi-leg format. Available in wide range of diameters from 6mm to 89mm with mechanically spliced eyes they come with a wide array of end fittings. Wire rope slings are highly adaptable to the technicalities of the environment and the construction and material specifications can be molded as per the individual’s requirements during the manufacturing process. There are many wire rope manufacturers available which provide high quality wire rope for construction use.

Characteristics of wire rope:

  • Strength of rope: The size (diameter) of a wire helps in determining the strength of the wire rope. Along with this the grade of steel used in its manufacturing and the rope construction are also equally influential.
  • Abrasion resistance of the rope: Dragging of the wire rope or over grating of the materials can cause sufficient abrasion in the wire ropes while they are used in mining and quarrying applications. Factors that cause abrasion are sand, rock, and so forth.
  • Corrosion resistance of the steel used for the rope: acids, alkalis, salts, fresh water, oxygen, etc. are all corrosive agents. When in contact with any corrosive agent wire ropes are tend to deteriorate from the effects of corrosion. If coated properly or by using a corrosion resistant wire rope, corrosion can be minimized or can even be eliminated.

In the world of rigging and lifting a wire rope is a must have, as it keeps everyone and everything around them safe. With a lot of options to choose from, opt for Saudi Dutest, the best wire rope manufacturer in Saudi Arabia. Wire ropes have crucial importance as lifting equipment and it is vital reason as to why choose the best one for your lifting requirements. These highly reliable and durable wire ropes keep the workplace, person working there, and the load being lifted as safer as possible.

Look at the wire’s diameter, the core material, the grade of steel, the finish on the wire, the direction of the stranding and closing, and how many strands the rope is made from when it comes to choosing what is the best type for you and the work you are supposed to carry out with them.

The best would be to choose Saudi Dutest for your wire rope supplies as the company is considered the best in the market and is highly reliable.


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