Uses of Wire Rope Slings in Different Industries

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Wire rope slings are an important piece of rigging equipment used in the lifting and hoisting operations and are most commonly used across manufacturing, mining and shipping industries. These wire rope slings are used to connect the load to the lifting device and are available in the market in a wide range of configurations and will support a broad range of industrial applications. These configurations also include single and multi-part slings, multiple leg bridles, grommets, single leg slings, and a diverse range of fittings and other attachments.

Wire rope slings are the most widely preferred option for lifting and performing heavy load applications, which are a part and parcel on the construction sites, marine industry, shipyards and many others. It is important to use correct rigging equipment in the manufacturing industry as it facilitates a lot of heavy duty shifting and loading of heavy objects. These loads will definitely vary in shape and size depending upon the manufacturing activity being undertaken and the purpose for which they are used. The manufacturing sector includes a diverse range of activities and operations like the production, packing and transfer of finished products. The selection of proper wire rope slings for different applications depends on the purpose for which it is needed.

Saudi Dutest is a supplier of various types of lifting equipment in the KSA region. They are among the reputed wire rope slings manufacturers in the regional market of Saudi Arabia. . The Company is an official distributor of many internationally leading brands in the market including Crosby, Dillon, Casar, Modulift and Gripton. They provide high-quality lifting solutions that ensure security, accuracy, proficiency and reliability to its users. The Company supplies high-grade wire rope slings which are able to withstand the harsh environment and workplace conditions present in the KSA region.


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